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Black woman in white t-shirt interpreting into ASL

by Jennifer Quigley

In the not-so-distant past, it was thought that providing American Sign Language interpretation for Deaf employees during staff meetings was sufficient for workplace communication, but this isn’t true inclusivity...

by Mark Williams

With the significant development of multi-media over the past several years, e-learning has transformed into a much more engaging experience, with video and special graphics that can capture the learner’s attention, particularly if the content is well-organized and visually appealing...

Three business people shaking hands in agreement

by Rachel Simons

Schools, hospitals, and communities are looking for ways to overcome the language barriers that keeps individuals from receiving an education, getting a job, or receiving proper healthcare. When hiring a language services provider or choosing a translation app, there are important factors to consider...

Young Black man signing ok to a another man signing help

by Rachel Simons

With many providers offering sign language interpretation, how can you find one that is reliable and offers the qualifications that meet your needs? Rachel Simons, our Proposal Administrator gives some tips, regardless of the company you choose.